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"Tact" is Taylor's Character Trait for April

Tact is telling the truth kindly, with consideration for how our words will affect others. It is knowing what to say and what is better left unsaid. Tact is thinking before we speak. When we are tactful, we don’t tease or point out people’s differences to embarrass them. When we are tactful, we are as careful about others’ feelings as we would like them to be of yours.
When people do not practice tact, they are rude and blunt. They go around saying whatever pops into their heads. They may tell the truth, but they do it in a way that hurts or embarrasses others. People get mad. We can lose friends if we forget to act with tact. When peopleare tactful, others find it easier to hear what you have to say. Tact builds bridges.

You practice Tact by being kind when you tell the truth. Stop and think before you speak. Don’t react – act with Tact!  Tact is especially important when you feel angry or upset. Rather than just shouting out your feelings, take time to calm down, and then share your feelings diplomatically. With Tact, you can tell people almost anything and they will be thankful to hear it.

For questions or more information on The Virtues Project Character Traits, contact Linda-Kate Hale, Coordinator of School Climate & Behavior Supports/PBIS, lhale@robla.k12.ca.us
Source: The Virtues Project by Linda Kavelin Popov